FAQ:  How quickly can you proofread my transcript(s)?

Standard” jobs are generally returned in 2 to 3 days; “rush” jobs are returned in 48 hours or less; “next day” jobs encompass 24-hour turnaround; “same day” jobs are returned in less than 24 hours.  Please contact me immediately with your job requirements so I can schedule your job on my calendar.  You can see all turnaround times and rates here.  To get started or to ask questions, you can connect with me through this website by using our Get In Touch page or e-mail me directly by clicking here.

FAQ:  Which guides, standards and references do you use?

I use a wide array of resources, both on- and offline:  Merriam-Webster, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, and various legal and medical dictionaries, including Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, Black’s Law Dictionary, and Law.com.  Additionally, I use reference works like Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, The Gregg Reference Manual, Court Reporting:  Bad Grammar/Good PunctuationThe Chicago Manual of Style and The Bluebook.  I also have my clients download and fill out a Reporter’s Preference Sheet.  This lets me know how you like certain things done in your transcripts and I will refer to your preferences on those points.  If you have a specific guide or reference that you’d like me to use on your job, let me know.

FAQ:  Do you have any specialties?

Yes! I specialize in proofreading verbatim transcription for court reporters.  I am able to proofread (and edit) any document that you have, however, my specialty is proofreading verbatim transcription.  Verbatim copy presents a unique set of challenges and it enthralls me:  to properly punctuate the spoken word while preserving every grammatical error, false start, repetition, and wandering thought.  I have special training in this area and it’s my preferred space to work in.

FAQ:  How much do your proofreading services cost?

I charge by the page and one page is typically 8 1/2 x 11 inches; it contains 25 double-spaced and numbered lines of not more than 63 characters per line.

From the Uniform Format Manual for Texas Reporters’ Records:

Each page of transcription must contain 25 lines of text, numbered 1 through 25, double spaced, except where appropriate on administrative pages. Page numbers or headers and footers are not considered part of the 25 lines of text. The last page may contain fewer lines if it is less than a full page of transcription.

I am able to proofread your transcripts with or without audio.  Click here for my entire rate card and some calculators to easily find exactly what your transcript will cost to proofread.

FAQ:  I’m not a transcriptionist but I’ve heard good things.  Can I still hire you?

Yes, of course!  I am qualified to proofread any job.  Please see our Rates page.

FAQ:  What about rush jobs?

Rush jobs are no problem.  Please let me know as soon as you suspect that you have a rush job so that I can check my availability and get you on the schedule if I’m able to accommodate your job.  Rush jobs are billed at 50¢ per page if you need your job returned in 48 hours, 65¢ per page if you need your job returned in 24 hours, and 80¢ per page if you need your job returned in less than 24 hours. Click here for more about rates.

FAQ:  What is your proofreading process?

Click this At A Glance link for the “quick and dirty” version of the Peerless Proofreading process.  Want a more in-depth explanation of what it means to work with Peerless Proofreading?  Click here to see What To Expect.

FAQ:  Which payment methods do you accept?

I accept payment through PayPal only.  By the way, you don’t need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal.  PayPal allows you to pay with all major credit and debit cards, as well as through your PayPal account, if you have one.  For regular clients (minimum biweekly work) I invoice on the 1st and the 15th of the month.  For occasional clients I invoice immediately upon completion of the job.  Payment is due within 7 days of the invoice date.

FAQ:  What about ongoing transcription work?

Regular clients benefit from knowing that there’s always room on my calendar for their work!  Regular clients also enjoy the benefit of being invoiced on the 1st and the 15th of the month, instead of upon completion of each job.  Additionally, I’m willing to accept payment by check from my “regulars”.  And if by “ongoing transcription work” you mean daily work, please Get In Touch with me for special rates.  Peerless Proofreading can accommodate nearly all of your proofreading needs.

FAQ:  How do I hire you?

When you’re ready to hire Peerless Proofreading for your proofreading job, simply Get In Touch with me, let me know what you need done, how many pages you need proofread, and when you need your transcript returned to you by.  I’ll respond to you with rates and availability and if we’re good on all of that, you’ll send me your file and I’ll get started on it.

Want a more in-depth explanation of what it means to work with Peerless Proofreading?  Click here to see What To Expect.

FAQ:  Do you have any kind of guarantee?

At Peerless Proofreading, our motto is:  Squeaky-clean transcripts delivered on time or you pay nothing.  That’s also our guarantee.  It’s that simple.

If you’ve got any questions that you don’t see answered here or on the other pages on the site, then I’d encourage you to send me a quick e-mail through the Get In Touch page and ask away!

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can — usually the same day.

Talk soon,

wee round donna

-Donna Cicotte

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